3 Elements of a Timeless Kitchen Design

Remodeling your kitchen is a serious commitment. You know what you love right now (we’re looking at you tuxedo cabinets and contemporary backsplashes!), but will you love it 10 years from now? While there are so many trends that are fun to try, revamping your kitchen does require a lot of time and money, so it’s important to choose elements that never go out of style. Because the last thing you want is a tacky kitchen!

While trends come and go, there is something about a classic kitchen design that never goes out of style. Here are three elements of timeless kitchen that you should consider when revamping your space.






A splash of color in the kitchen is great because it gives your space some flair and personality. However, when choosing the bones of your kitchen (such as your granite countertops or shaker cabinets), it’s smart to go all neutral. This gives you the opportunity to switch up the look of your space later without spending a fortune – such as painting a bold accent wall, or rotating in a fun rug or seasonal decor.


Simplicity is the key to a timeless kitchen that will stand the test of time. A natural stone, such as quartz or granite, in a sleek black or bright white is a good choice for your surface material. Adding in a cabinet style that is not too modern and some architectural details such as islands with legs or crown molding, will add a touch of elegance to a simple design.


The goal of a kitchen redesign is to create a cooking area that is not only beautiful, but also makes the most of your space. Choosing the right layout means thinking about your family’s needs and incorporating those needs into the initial design. Maybe you need space for the kids to do homework while you cook, or maybe you need a marble slab for baking. Think about your lifestyle and use these details to craft the perfect kitchen for you!


For more information about choosing a material for your home, you can visit our countertop comparison guideline, where we break down different options and materials you can use in your home.


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