3 Excellent Countertop Choices that Aren’t Granite

There is no denying that granite is a great countertop choice for just about any homeowner. It’s classy and elegant, yet low-maintenance compared to other natural stones. Aside from its natural beauty, it holds up strong against everyday use (when sealed correctly!), like spilled makeup products or curling irons in the bathroom, or knife blades and hot pans in the kitchen. For these reasons, our staff always recommend granite to homeowners but sometimes granite is just not in the budget, especially when you choose an expensive color or high-end slab.

While most homeowners tend to head straight to the granite, there are many other countertop choices available that you may love even more. Here are a few of our favorite non-traditional countertop options that we think will make you forget all about granite! And if not, then at least it will make your kitchen or bathroom stand out.



We’ve mentioned before how much we love the look of this countertop – especially in a kitchen or bathroom with bright colors. It’s smooth, matte finish, deep hue and impressive durability makes soapstone a great option for homeowners who are looking for something truly unique in their space. While marble and granite are both durable when properly maintained, soapstone is the only natural surface that isn’t affected by spills, and no fancy cleaners are needed to keep the surface clean. Just a little soap and water will do.


Scratch, heat and stain resistant, quartz is one of the most reliable natural stone materials for high-traffic kitchens and bathrooms. This engineered surface mimics the smooth, sheen surface of popular natural stones like marble and granite, yet is non-porous and super low-maintenance (no sealer needed!).


The classic pattern and earthy tones of this beautiful stone are sure to brighten and warm up a drab space. From polished floors to tiled showers and vanity countertops, you would be surprised just how many ways travertine can be used in your home! While this natural stone is particularly sensitive to acidic liquids and is likely to stain and etch with properly sealing, there are many precautions you can take to keep it looking its best. So don’t shy away from a beautiful stone like this!

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